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Four sophisticated and powdery shades and a mix of decorations with 12 different themes, marked by the almost faded traces of classic ornaments and patterns, offer soft and envelopingatmospheres to distinguish spaces with an elegant design.

60x60 - 30x60

Concreta Bianco

60x60 - 30x60

Concreta Grigio

60x60 - 30x60 R11 - 30x60

Concreta Tortora

60x60 - 30x60 R11 - 30x60

Concreta Antracite

60x60 - 30x60

Concreta Tabacco

60x60 - 30x60

Mosaico 30x30 (5x5)

Concreta Bianco Mosaico

Concreta Grigio Mosaico

Concreta Tortora Mosaico

Concreta Antracite Mosaico

Concreta Tabacco Mosaico

Decoro Mix 30x60 - Disponibile in Bianco e Tortora


  • Glazed porcelain stoneware


  • Indoor
  • Opaque


  • 30x60 R11
  • 60x60
  • 30x60

Special Pieces:

  • 7,5x30 Battiscopa